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It pays to team up with RBC

As an eligible professional* in our client’s home buying journey, sign up for the RBC Referral Awards program and you could receive Avion® points on your Avion Rewards credit card or your RBC bank account* for every eligible mortgage referral* plus access to our team of mobile mortgage specialists who can help you build your business and provide differentiated advice and experience.

Earning your Rewards is easy!


Register. Go to to enroll using your email address or through RBC Online Banking if you have an RBC Client Card. You will receive a Personal ID code that can be used for your referrals.


Refer. Connect your clients with your preferred RBC mortgage specialist.


Rewards. Get rewarded with Avion points credited to the Rewards Account tied to your Avion Rewards credit card or to your RBC bank account for every qualified mortgage referral.

Not a points collector? No problem. You can sign up as a non-points participant and be rewarded with access to exclusive virtual and in person events and experiences throughout the year.

Don't forget: Every time you refer a client to RBC, you must disclose that you are a member of the RBC Referral Awards program and that both of you will benefit from a successful referral.

We want to see your business grow.

You work hard to help your clients get into their perfect home and your reputation is important, so you need to be confident that you have a mortgage specialist that will exceed your expectations with every referral – not just at the purchase phase, but throughout their entire home ownership journey.

Whether you’re looking for advice on reliable financing solutions, or new marketing opportunities, your RBC mortgage specialist can help you build your business.

With RBC you’ll get:

  • High quality referrals
  • Access to resources and training webinars
  • Firm, fast approvals
  • Co-branded marketing opportunities
  • Innovative tools and programs
  • A dedicated AMS (Alternate Mortgage Solutions) program for your clients who may not meet the standard lending criteria.

How will you use your points?

Are you the type to browse the catalogue regularly to spend those well-deserved points that are burning a hole in your virtual pocket? Or do you save them up for that one big ticket item or trip you’ve always wanted? Either way, it’s your choice.

Redeem your Avion points for*:

Brand name merchandise


Apple or Best Buy products through our online catalogue


Gift cards from your favourite retailers


Travel experiences

You can even:
Credit cards

Use your points to pay down a credit card balance

Investments Chart

Use your points to contribute to investments


Make a difference by donating your points to a charity

Your Avion points will also let you shop the latest brand-name products, electronics, kitchen gadgets, and fashion. Plus, the total points you redeem cover the taxes and shipping.

Visit to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions


Canadian residents that work as a duly licensed real estate agent in Canada; or are an employee of a builder, an Insurance Broker, Independent Financial Planner/Advisor, a Lawyers, or Accountant, except in Quebec, where you must be a Canadian resident and who is working as a duly licensed real estate agent in Quebec in accordance with the provincial legislation in place.

Please see Terms and Conditions for full details. Or contact an RBC Mortgage Specialist for clarification.

You can earn points on qualified mortgages. A Qualified Mortgage includes a mortgage in respect of a purchase or a switch/transfer of a mortgage from another financial institution to Royal Bank. See the RBC Referral Awards Terms and Conditions for details.

Yes, mortgages that are processed through an RBC alternate mortgage specialist are also eligible for our Referral Awards program. You will receive points or non-points recognition, depending on your type of membership in the program, for these referrals.

Your Account

You can access your Personal Referral Awards Account by logging into the program portal using Online Banking Authentication (if you have an RBC client card) or using the email address you used to sign into the program.

Yes, there are two type of members in the program:

  • Points member – is an eligible participant who earns Avion® points recognition for every qualified mortgage referral.
  • Non-points member – is an eligible participant who may receive recognition, other than Avion® points, under the Program such as invitations to participate in various activities and exclusive events.

Avion Rewards

Click here to apply for an Avion Rewards credit card and start earning Avoin® points for every qualified mortgage referral.

Please note that eligible cards for the Program are those Avion Rewards credit cards that are eligible to earn Avion points. Co-brand credit cards, such as WestJet, British Airways and Cathay Pacific credit cards, cashback credit cards and commercial credit cards are not eligible for the Referral Awards Program.

Eligible Avion Rewards credit card accounts include any business or personal credit card that allows you to earn Avion® points as follows:

  • RBC® Avion® Visa Infinite Privilege‡
  • RBC Avion Visa Infinite Privilege for Private Banking
  • RBC Avion Visa Infinite
  • RBC Avion Visa Platinum
  • RBC Rewards Visa Preferred
  • Signature® RBC Rewards Visa
  • RBC Rewards+™ Visa
  • RBC U.S. Dollar Visa Gold
  • RBC Avion visa Business
  • RBC Avion Visa Infinite Business‡
  • RBC Royal Bank Visa‡ CreditLine for Small Business ("CLSB")
  • RBC ION Visa
  • RBC ION+ Visa

Note: Commercial credit cards, Cashback and Co-Brand credit cards are not eligible.

If you’re already enrolled in Online Banking, just select “Open New Account”, located next to the Bank Accounts heading in the centre of the page.

If you aren’t enrolled in Online Banking, please visit Find the Right Account. You’ll be able to see all the accounts available to you and/or open a new account from the same screen.

You can also visit a branch or contact our Advice Centre at 1-800-769-2511 to get assistance to open a banking account.

The following RBC bank accounts are eligible to be enrolled in the Referral Awards program:

  • RBC Day to Day Banking
  • RBC Advantage Banking (includes RBC Advantage Banking for students)
  • RBC Signature No Limit Banking
  • RBC VIP Banking
  • RBC No Limit Banking (discontinued)
  • RBC Student Banking (discontinued)
  • RBC No Limit Banking for Students (discontinued)
  • RBC Day to Day Savings
  • RBC Enhanced Savings
  • RBC High Interest eSavings

If you are a Points Member, you can redeem Avion points online at

Tax Questions

Your SIN number is a mandatory field if you are a Points Members to ensure accuracy in annual tax reporting for applicable taxation years during which Points are awarded.

Yes, any Points awarded under the Program for qualified mortgage referrals are considered taxable income. Participants will be issued a tax slip (T4A) that reports the value of such taxable income for applicable taxation years during which Avion® points are awarded.

All participants must consult with their personal tax advisor(s) regarding tax implications and are responsible for reporting this information for tax purposes. Any personal federal and/or provincial tax liability arising from the award of Avion® points is the participant’s responsibility.


If you have forgotten your password, simply click the “Forgot Password” link in the login screen.

The system will request your email address. Enter your email address and click “Request a Validation Code”. Enter the validation code that is sent by email and press Submit.

The system will allow you to enter and confirm your new password on the screen.

If you forgot your RBC Online Banking password or need to change your password, please go to your Online Banking sign in page  and reset your password online by selecting “Reset Your Password” on the Sign In page

No, Avion® points will not be awarded for referrals made prior to enrolment.

If you have any further questions or are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact us at


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Sign up today to start earning Avion points on your eligible mortgage referrals.

Have questions about the program? Email us or connect with an RBC Mortgage Specialist